[eDebate] Paperless thangs (helpful tips included)

Malcolm Gordon malgor.debate
Wed Sep 23 09:20:56 CDT 2009

I agree with Russell on the point of transferring files before the
speech-it's not necessary.  The negative doesn't have a right to your entire
speech.  As soon as the aff has the speech on a jump drive they should just
hand it to the neg and get up and start giving the order.  the neg can jump
it to their computers (or the viewing computer) during the 2ac.  This puts
them at no disadvantage whatsoever.  They may not be able to listen and flow
the 2ac while jumping the file to the laptop, but this is not unique to
paperless-when a 1n is reading the 2ac evidence being handed to them during
the 2ac they aren't flowing the speech during that either.

UMKC uses a drop box account that has worked well for the most part (I say
for the most part because we have some teams who have put a lot of effort
into making paperless work, and some that have not).  We created a squad
account, and put folders for each team in it.  This is a fast way to do it
because all you have to do is drag your speech into the folder on your
desktop and bam-it's immediately on the reading computer.

"small netbooks are annoying" - helpful tip- go to the view menu at the top
of word and you can zoom in to make the text bigger.  unlike paper, you can
also zoom in so you can better read the 8pt font that often surrounds cards
underlined/highlighted in 10pt.

I also agree with frappier-a lot of these complaints are just being thrust
on to paperless bc it's new.  Russell has always kept time strictly even
with paper teams, I can vouch that he's a strict SOB in either case (that's
why we love him). Some people, however, are hostile to the situation in

Big issue with paperless NOT related to prep time- using evidence in the
cross x.  When paperless is involved it decreases dramatically.  Most teams
just aren't used to reading cards off a laptop and referring to them in cx
or their speeches.  Here is something we're trying to get our debaters to
do-use the speech doc on the reading laptop to your advantage.

Open a new file in word on the reading laptop, copy/paste the cards you want
to cx about, and type your questions above them.  handy trick that can
actually ensure more efficiency in the cross x.

Printing the speech out should come from prep-of the team doing the
printing.  there is no right to having the evidence provided to you on
paper.  Reading cards off a laptop is reasonable-if you debate with paper
then every time you cut and read a card is off of a computer EXCEPT when you
give the speech.

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