[eDebate] one other paperless note

Malcolm Gordon malgor.debate
Wed Sep 23 09:27:27 CDT 2009

We debated a team at gonzaga that did something i think should be frowned
upon-they gave us a 52 page 2ac that was completely out of order.

Now i don't think the neg should demand that every card the 2ac puts in the
speech doc be read, or that the cards even be read in the exact order (as
long as the toplines are clear about what the card answers it's easy to
recover from a few out of order cards).  But this team put every card they
had to answer our arguments in the speech doc, knowing that they couldn't
get through all 52 pages (man of the cards weren't even highlighted).

This is egregious.  There should be an expectation that the 2ac is making an
honest effort to minimize the amount of excess cards being put into the
speech document.  My teams have been good about this so far and i hope that

In this same debate we received 2 speech docs for the 1ar each with 15
cards.  How often has anyone heard a 30 card 1ar?

It's hard to determine the bright line for when there are too many cards put
in the speech doc, but if it's very excessive I will not make the other team
use their cross x time to figure out everything-that should come out of the
prep of the violating team.

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