[eDebate] Paperless debate (Liberty's Solution to Jump Drives)

Nick Ryan runlittleman
Wed Sep 23 15:36:27 CDT 2009

Liberty experimented with a solution to the jump drive problem at
Georgia State that for the most part enjoyed extensive success in
minimizing wasted time in-round and created several other benefits as
well (like Malcom we say for the most part because we have some teams
who have put a lot of effort into making paperless work, and some that
have not).

The system connects three laptops together on an isolated wireless
network that does not require an external router, but rather uses only
the internal wireless cards of the three computers to instantly
transfer files and speeches back and forth.  Two computers are for the
two debaters and include a folder shared only between them, the third
computer is for the other team and a second folder is shared between
all three computers that should only hold the speeches presented in
the round.  This allows the team to share only their speeches with the
other team and protects the rest of their files from snooping.

This has several advantages -
     First, and most obvious, is the instant transfer of data between
partners and to the third computer both in round and during pre-round
     Second, it doesn't require tournaments to have an external
wireless network in order to function properly.
     Third, it protects a teams files, and the danger of losing jump
drives with a teams backfiles or topic files on them is also greatly
reduced because you don't have to jump them back and forth between
partner computers or other computers on your team all the time.

Concerning the most common complaint of division of the 2AC for 2NC
prep time a jump drive can be made available for the negative to
transfer the speech to their own laptops during the 2AC c/x or the
affirmative team can lone one of their personal computers for the few
minutes of prep time before the 2NC.  Once the 2NC starts the aff
would get their laptop back and the 1NR would keep the third computer
to continue prepping.

The attached document includes instructions for creating the network
and the folder setup.

Nick Ryan
Liberty University

P.S. I'm having difficulty with getting posts to edebate currently so
if this is a duplicate email i apologize
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