[eDebate] Paperless and the NDT Scouting System

Stefan Bauschard stefan.bauschard
Thu Sep 24 12:04:37 CDT 2009

If even 1/2 the teams at the NDT debate (largely) paperless, the scouting
system could be much more efficient.

Teams could simply paste outlines and cites of what they read immediately
after the debate on the wiki. This would drammatically reduce the time
demands on the scouts and probably allow two scouts to follow the "paper"
teams and post outlines and cites of their arguments.

Should this just be an expectation of paperless teams?
Should it be a rule? (I think teams are already required to give scouts what
they've read after the judges have seen it).
Should paperless debaters be expected/required to give scouts a jump of the
speech doc?  Should scouts be expected to come with jump drives to accept
the speech docs?

Some may see this as a unique DA to being paperless, but remember that it
would allow more scouts to scout paper teams.

I think paperless debating will change debate/how we do things/what our
norms are in more ways than reducing the physical and financial load of
carrying tubs and I think some discussion of those potential changes is

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