[eDebate] Bear Shock Update #2

Eric Morris ermocito
Thu Sep 24 13:06:21 CDT 2009

1. Preferences are now available online.

Please complete them by noon on Friday, so that we will be able to release
Round 1-2 pairings on Friday evening (per tradition). If your prefs are
late, you risk having them go into effect late (e.g. Round 3).

The Debate Results settings assume JV/Novice (9 A's, 8 A-, 6 B+, 5 B, 5 C, 4
Strike). Since not all judges are available in open, you can reduce the open
A/A-/B+ by 1 judge each (8, 7, 5, 5, 4 strike) for open judges. As always,
we reserve the right to place strikes in late prelims for teams that have
lost 4 rounds if necessary for the round to occur (but we've been able to
avoid doing so). This year, we have 34 judges in the open pool and 30 rounds
at once across all divisions, so it will be tight.

We will have a couple of Missouri State people who are running the
tournament, but could be placed in an emergency. They will appear on a
supplemental strike sheet at registration. We have judge philosophies
available for nearly all judges, and I am pestering to get the remainder up
as soon as possible.

2. Computer passwords

My password request was bounced, because they wanted either gmail, phone, or
ideally both for each person getting a guest wireless account. I sent an
email to Directors on this question. If you didn't get that email and should
have, it may be that I was using an incorrect email. Correct me, in case
there are some future announcements that only go to Directors.

3. Registration is 7pm tomorrow.

If you don't think you will be in town by then, call me from the road
(417-496-7141) so we can confirm that none of your teams were left behind
due to illness, Assignment:FAIL, or some other cause. Then, we can get
pairings out early instead of late.
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