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Alfred C Snider alfred.snider
Thu Sep 24 13:57:16 CDT 2009

I am sorry that I quite often speak in public. Public events need a 
public comment. Public speech gets a reaction. Public speech increases 
the incentives on those who speak. Public speech raises consciousness. 
Counterplan gone.

Public speech receives a rude response from you. Rude is your word, not 
mine. Listen to what you are saying. Sorry, I do not intend to scurry 
into the twilight after receiving your rudeness.

Bad job at reading my mind when you interpret it as intended to 
"publicly shame." Motive, as you should have learned, is one of the 
hardest things to determine. I was asking what is going on and I got an 

I will determine time and place as well as standards of etiquette, thank 
you very much. By the way, it is "importance" not "important."

Unprofessional? I am just going to shine my Ziegelmueller award and 
smile at you.

It should be clear to you that I will neither withdraw my statements, 
cower at your lecture, or change my future habits in this regard.

I have disarm cards to cut and a 120+ team tournament to host this 
weekend. I wish you were coming so that you could publicly flag our 
every mistake. If others wish to do that, fine. I will appreciate it. By 
the way, I hope that the Motor City Debates go well. I gave that 
tournament its name.  Perhaps you do not know that. Perhaps there are 
many things you do not know.


Kelly says:


Thanks in turn for appreciation. When you go out of your way to publicly 
shame a tournament rather than backchannel them, you will get a rude 
response. Don't turn this back on me when you are still unable to 
publicly apologize to Katie and Richard for the tone of your original 
post. Saying that you respect them but you will publicly call out their 
ability to run a tournament is laughable.

Your response completely misses the point. I never suggested that we 
shouldn't voice concerns/complaints about tournaments. Instead, my point 
was that we should do so through backchannel emails so that we don't 
make other tournaments. Your public post did nothing that a private 
email on the matter wouldn't have resolved. The post's only effect was 
to call out and shame two young DOFs that risks harming future 
attendance at a nice regional tournament. The counterplan solves without 
harm to anyone.

Another important lesson of argumentation and debate is the important of 
time and place and etiquette. The point of my response is that you 
completely failed in that regard.


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