[eDebate] Clarion Thanks

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Sun Sep 27 23:11:22 CDT 2009

What a cool tournament. Thanks to Jim Lyle and all the clarionites. Combine
a humane schedule(out friday and saturday night by reasonable times, home
sunday night (after judging varsity finals) by 10 PM, a good draw (much of
d7, bing wvu and usma from the northeast, wayne & john carroll, and
fayeteville state from the southeast) and you get great competition. Add
mike davis in tab, a well coordinated ballot running team and real time
pairings through debate results and it gets even better. Throw in a great
banquet and a diverse set of food options throughout the tournament and its
hard to think of why i wouldnt go to this tournament any year i can.
I also wanted to welcome Fayetteville State to the community, it was great
to see a new school with several teams poised to break late into the
tournament at their first ever debate tournament.

Props to Pete Fountain, you may have the fastest debate learning curve i
have ever seen.

Also props to Tim O'Donnell for a quiet but dedicated effort to increase the
diversity of voices contributing to the debate.

Andy Ellis
PS- Thanks to Liberty for being very hospitable to the judges they hire,
maybe its normal for you, but for some one used to simply receiving cash
sometime after round 8 when i hire out my judging, it was incredibly
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