[eDebate] CSIS Bloggers and Coaches' Poll

Michael Antonucci antonucci23
Mon Sep 28 03:34:54 CDT 2009

I'm personally not that worried about Warden getting bounced from the
casino.  (Who is the mean unibrow in this metaphor?)

The route from his publicly available, institutionally constrained blog to
direct victories for any one team seems circuitous at best.  I also don't
see how he's any more or less invested in the community as a result of his
blog.  He's surely very supportive of Northwestern, but that's true
regardless of his public writings.

That said, Hester may have a very valid concern.  If the coaches' poll is
going to be a thing, maybe it could be transparent?  Any form of competitive
ranking in this community is potentially contentious, and public
accountability seems the easiest fix.  If you want a vote, you should be
able to defend it.

I have no problem with the game, but it's probably best that everyone keep
their hands above the table to avoid accusations of rigging.

Of course, it's informal and Seth's thing, so he can do it however he
chooses.  Just an idea to boost its legitimacy and avoid backlash.

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