[eDebate] Clarion - Congrats and Thanks

James Lyle jrlyle
Mon Sep 28 10:22:48 CDT 2009

Thanks to everyone for attending and helping us continue to grow the
tournament.  Thanks to Mike Davis for running tab and everyone else
who chipped in to keep us on track (there are way too many to
acknowledge individually).


1. To Fayetteville State - 1st policy tournament in...ever?...with 5
teams and several in break rounds.

2. Binghamton and Wayne and JMU - Binghamton wins Novice and Varsity
(and makes finals of JV), Wayne wins JV (and gets to finals of
Varsity), JMU makes the finals of Novice.

3. Our supporters - You're good people.


Jim Lyle, Taylor Hahn, Rob Noerr, and the entire Clarion Debate Team

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