[eDebate] Poll Legitimacy

Michael Souders micksouders
Mon Sep 28 13:14:47 CDT 2009

Institutional control over voters is important to legitimacy, if legitimacy
matters..  One ballot per school ostensibly submitted by the person in
charge of the debate team there.  I don?t know whether that?s Warden or not
but it seems like a simple series of questions to answer: Is Warden a coach
of a participating school?  If not, no vote.  If so, is he authorized to
speak on behalf of the school?  If not, no vote.  If so, vote.

At some level transparency is a bit irrelevant to me.  Obvi, the voters and
their credentials should be disclosed.  I even think that maybe voting
records should be released at the end of the year.  But listening to
everyone complain and moan at everyone else because of their ranking all
year?  Not interested.  Don?t trust the voters?  Don?t have a poll.  Or
don?t pay any attention to it.  The credibility of the ranking and those who
are voting on it is a good argument for the off-season, not yet another
problem for intense public wrangling during the season.   Wait until the
jury is in to evaluate the situation of an UNOFFICIAL poll.

I don?t like the old ?you should be able to defend your rankings? line.  That
sounds more like ?if I have a problem with your rankings I should get to
complain endlessly and publicly about them.?  Or ?I should get to
lobby/intimidate people about the rankings.?  That?s probably not what?s
initially intended, but I?d bet that what it turns into.  Lame.
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