[eDebate] Sick Debaters, Travel, and Bid Applications

Sarah Jane Green sjsnider
Thu Sep 17 11:31:47 CDT 2009

I completely agree with Sam, Sue & Ryan

I too remember debating ill and in retrospect cannot believe I did it.

I would like to add- that I have been at tournaments where
participants have been so ill that they have had to pull themselves
from competition, but then come and hang out at the tournament
anyways. Please recognize that when you are ill, you are putting
others at risk and stay away from the debate tournament. It is
difficult enough for our students to come home from a tournament and
catch up with school, for them to get sick upon returning from a
tournament puts them in a precarious situation academically.

Let's try to respect the community a little more than we may have in the past.


On Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 9:10 AM, Galloway, Ryan W. <rwgallow at samford.edu> wrote:
> I think Sam and Sue raise a good point. ?I would like to point out the counter-vailing tendency among debaters however, especially those that might be in contention for a 1st/2nd round bid.
> When I debated, I debated at the Redlands tournament my senior year when I was extremely ill. ?I could barely navigate a flight of stairs. ?I could not physically lift a tub (Gordon carried them all, and I forgot my promise that I would carry them at the next tournament). ?Frankly, I was miserable the whole weekend and likely a severe infestation risk.
> When confronted about this question "why are you debating?" by Sherry Hall and Rebecca Tushnet, I remember weakly replying "that our bid was not high enough." ?A rationale that made sense at age 20, an insane rationale at age 36.
> I think debaters, coaches, and rankers of bids should be especially cognizant of the way certain tournaments are viewed on the bid sheets. ?I would encourage all to take a reasonable perspective of the situation, especially if estimates (like the one given at our university) that 30% of the population could get the swine flu this season. ?Let's cut some people some slack if they don't have Kentucky or another tournament on their bid sheet that is a "must attend" tournament for a bid sheet.
> Take care of your health. ?Be reasonable about the situation. ?It's a debate tournament, you'll have more down the road.
> RG
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