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Jim Hanson hansonjb
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omar is right on.

thank you gonzaga. great tournament.

jim :)
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The Jesuit at Gonzaga has been a class act of Northwest Rockies for going on 10 years now - its previous history at SIU is even longer.  Hospitality (no bar tab the whole weekend bcause plentitude was in vogue), cost-effectiveness (no outrageously priced rental car), and very competitive draw makes it the marquee tournament our new district.
Thanks to Jon and Greg for the Tab, Pointer for tournament directing, Karina for logistics and hospitality, and all the alums and current 'zags who helped keep the show running on time.  And, of course to Glen and Cindy for being gracious enough to put up with us :)
[You know, while we're on the topic of other "value buy" tournaments in the Northwest Rockies, it should also be mentioned that Wyoming charges no fees and is a short drive from cheap-to-fly-to Denver,  Whitman waves yours fees, feeds your starving masses with more food than you can imagine, and throws in a student party, and Idaho State is always inexpensive and a great time as well...]
Go 'Zags, Go!


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