[eDebate] Sick Debaters, Travel, and Bid Applications

JP Lacy lacyjp
Thu Sep 17 21:27:13 CDT 2009

Wake misses competing at our tournament every year. So does every other 
squad that hosts a "major" national tournament.

It is hard for debaters to give up an opportunity to compete. Many would 
give an organ to clear at a tournament. We need to get better at showing 
people that debate isn't worth hurting themselves or others over.

I agree with Ryan that we should "cut people some slack" if they miss a 
tournament due to illness, injury or other contingencies.

After all, hosting schools get that "slack" every year.

-- JP

Galloway, Ryan W. wrote:
> I think Sam and Sue raise a good point.  I would like to point out the counter-vailing tendency among debaters however, especially those that might be in contention for a 1st/2nd round bid.
> When I debated, I debated at the Redlands tournament my senior year when I was extremely ill.  I could barely navigate a flight of stairs.  I could not physically lift a tub (Gordon carried them all, and I forgot my promise that I would carry them at the next tournament).  Frankly, I was miserable the whole weekend and likely a severe infestation risk.
> When confronted about this question "why are you debating?" by Sherry Hall and Rebecca Tushnet, I remember weakly replying "that our bid was not high enough."  A rationale that made sense at age 20, an insane rationale at age 36.
> I think debaters, coaches, and rankers of bids should be especially cognizant of the way certain tournaments are viewed on the bid sheets.  I would encourage all to take a reasonable perspective of the situation, especially if estimates (like the one given at our university) that 30% of the population could get the swine flu this season.  Let's cut some people some slack if they don't have Kentucky or another tournament on their bid sheet that is a "must attend" tournament for a bid sheet.
> Take care of your health.  Be reasonable about the situation.  It's a debate tournament, you'll have more down the road.
> RG
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