[eDebate] Sick Debaters, Travel, and Bid Applications

Lexy Green & John Seal lexdevil
Thu Sep 17 23:33:42 CDT 2009

I have to confess to being more concerned about the public health measures than the H1N1 flu itself, but I am concerned.  A few days before Greenhill my husband asked, "What are you going to do if one of your debaters comes down with the flu while you're on the road?"  In past years the answer was simple--take care of the kid and get him/her home ASAP.  With public health guidelines currently saying no school, work, or travel until fever free for 24 hours, I was suddenly faced with the reality that I could be stuck in Dallas for several days with a sick kid.  I checked with my administration and was told that I would need to comply with the guidelines.  We're talking extra hotel room to isolate the sick debater, as well as postponing return as recommended.  The potential budget busting implications of a single flu episode are scary.

My administration did not offer to cover any illness related travel costs.  Instead, they told me to purchase travel insurance.  I shopped around and found that CSA sells group travel policies for parties of 10 or more at a reasonable price.  If you insure your trip for $500 per person the cost is around $12 per participant.  That gives you $500 in trip cancellation (should a debater be forced to drop due to illness), $750 each for trip interruption (added hotel and flight change expenses), $1000 for lost baggage, $200 for late baggage, and lots of medical coverage (including a totally unnecessary $250,000 in emergency medical evacuation!).  I wouldn't purchase such a policy under normal circumstances, but I think the odds are good that someone on our squad will get sick while traveling during this flu season.  It is even conceivable that an entire squad could be quarantined while on the road.


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