[eDebate] Paperless and judge philosophies

James Joseph jimjo1000
Wed Sep 23 01:10:59 CDT 2009

Really quick...
Having one computer for the negative team is fine for the block.  The 1nr
still gets 12 minutes of built in prep where the 2nc will not be looking at
the viewing computer.  I don't think they need the additional 3-4 minutes
that the 2nc takes.  Also, I know all Gonzaga teams have a power strip and
extension cord so battery power won't be an issue.

Transfer times will decrease.  The first tournament of the year is always
the most disorganized.  And Whitman proves you will get faster as you have
more rounds.  Just make sure you have a USB that doesn't require additional
software to use it.  The USB flash-drives that we got at CEDA are awesome
for this.  I wouldn't post on the internet but thats because I hate my
wireless card.  In terms of prep time, leeway for now.  Change and
transitions will be tough but the benefits from paperless are worth it.  I
can ensure everyone that any team that goes paperless will NEVER lose a card
and will be able to find it within seconds (Ctrl-F).

Using the netbooks is fine if you adjust the viewing style.  Don't keep the
document in the "print" layout, switch to the "full-screen reading" layout.
 It makes everything bigger and scrolling is ten times easier.  Plus, you
don't have to deal with people making the un-underlined part of their cards
size 4 font.

I guess you could print speeches but really, what a waste.  If a team prints
the evidence I read off my computer, I am going to throw it all away after
the round.  Waste of paper, ink, time, and requires each team to carry a
printer.  I know Gonzaga tried that last year, it sucked.  They break, toner
runs out, paper jams, etc.

I'll admit, I used to hate debating Whitman because of this paperless
system.  But they got this one right and we need to catch up.

James Joseph
jimjo1000 at gmail.com
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