[eDebate] Paperless thangs (helpful tips included)

Brad Hall hallbrad
Wed Sep 23 11:40:06 CDT 2009

How does the 1N ask questions about evidence after the 2AC if the 2N needs
the evidence to prep for their own speech? It seems like this would require
either a) the negative to have a computer of their own to use; or b) two
computers from the affirmative team, which doesn't seem to be the norm yet.
(Obviously, in paper debate, the 1N and 2N can't be using the same card
simultaneously, but they can at least split up the evidence so the 1N asks
about a certain card while the 2N is prepping with other evidence.)

There are some other situations where this might be relevant: before the
2AR, the aff wants to split up the uniqueness and link cards so one of them
can read the former and the other the latter. Another is if the 2N wants to
refer directly to aff evidence during the 2NC, but the 1NR also needs to
prep during that speech. Someone else may have already raised this second

For better or for worse, paperless is clearly the future of debate, but we
should make sure at the outset that the quality of debate itself doesn't
suffer, even in minor instances like these.


On Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 9:20 AM, Malcolm Gordon <malgor.debate at gmail.com>wrote:

> Big issue with paperless NOT related to prep time- using evidence in the
> cross x.  When paperless is involved it decreases dramatically.  Most teams
> just aren't used to reading cards off a laptop and referring to them in cx
> or their speeches.  Here is something we're trying to get our debaters to
> do-use the speech doc on the reading laptop to your advantage.
Brad Hall
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