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His real name was William A.  "Sandy" Darity, Jr. and he debated for Amherst
Regional High School in Massachusetts, graduating in 1970.


I debated him in the quarters of NFL Nationals in 1970 and he went on to
lose the final round, as I recall, to a team from New Trier High School -
East (like the Glenbrooks now, New Trier then had two high schools, both
with active debate teams.)


I knew Sandy pretty well in college but lost touch with him afterward.
Tuna, who debated with Sandy when he was both Sandy and Hotep X, published
something on his blog in 2007 about re-connecting with Sandy who, at that
time, was a professor at UNC and a research professor at Duke.  You can find
that entry here:


Sandy appears to have moved on from UNC to Duke full time, according to the
University's listings here:




Sandy was a fine debater and really funny guy.  I'm sure that Tuna can fill
you in a lot more about their time as partners and provide some accurate
background on the Hotep X persona.


Greg Rosenbaum






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I am really interested in learning more about Hotep X.  I have been trying
to find information about him and its hard to find.  From what I know about
Hotep X, he debate for Brown University with Alfred (Tuna) Snider.  He was a
black debater who pretended to be a Black Muslim (his real name wasn't Hotep
X).  I also know that he got to semis of the NDT in 1972.  Does anyone know
any more information about him, I am really interested.


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