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This madness aside, if you're shopping around for a new name, can I suggest the 'Gordie Howe Invitational Debates'?

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Wow, just wow. You are really melting down into sheer babble. The argument originally was simple: there's better ways to deal with this than in a public venue and you were rather mean about it. Now you are talking about George's trophy, our tournament and attacking my knowledge. Will your next rhetorical volley contain comments about my mother and our penis sizes? This is absolutely insane, Alfred.

Your statement about the Ziegelmueller award is really sad. What are you, 12 years old now? Your position on this would not have been endorsed by George. George was a huge fan of young directors and he worked hard to help young directors without browbeating them in public. And that award is about professionalism and dedication, not something to stroke off in public to teach a youngin' like me a lesson. It's a shame you have the trophy if that's how you are going to deploy a rather incredible professional accomplishment. 

I apparently completely missed the point of your comment about naming our tournament. If you did play a role--something that none of our program histories (we have two highly detailed ones) and coaches from that era can recall, good job on the great stretch from the tournament's previous name--the Renaissance Debate Tournament and Renaissance Classic (starting in 1976)--to Motor City Classic. What were your other options? The Wayne State Annual Debate Tournament? The Motown Classic? The Oil Can tournament (also a previous name of the tournament before the Renaissance Tournament that makes the evolution to Motor City Classic rather surprising)? Perhaps the Car City Classic? The GM Classic? The Iron Horse City Classic? It is really a major feat to name a tournament in Detroit the Motor City Classic? I hope that's a vita line for you because you are obviously very proud of the accomplishment. I've been thinking about changing the name of the tournament for a while, so thanks for the added motivation. I guess in this sense, you can take credit again for whatever name we change it to.

But back to the point: I would never nitpick apart your tournament or anyone else's tournament. I've never done that and I certainly would never do it publicly like you. I know how hard it is to run tournaments and I greatly appreciate every school and host that holds one. I have offered suggestions privately, but again, it's clear that my purpose is to constructively help tournaments, while yours isn't. Everything has to be a public demonstration and self-aggrandizing moment for you. Still stroking the trophy? Remember, that was your shameful rhetorical move, not mine.


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