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2017 Proxy Form

2016 - 2017 Cross Examination Debate Association
Executive Secretary Report
March 2017


Article VII, Section 5. "Proxy voting at business meetings will be allowed under the following conditions: A. The Executive Secretary will distribute with the agenda for the national business meetings a proxy form for each business item that requires a vote of the membership; B. Members who do not attend the business meetings may complete, sign and send these forms to the national meetings with another voting member; C. No member institution may vote more than five proxies in addition to its own vote; D. Proxy votes are to be submitted to the Executive-Secretary at the start of each business meeting. The Executive-Secretary will count only those proxy ballots that are complete and signed. E. Proxy votes apply to main motions but not secondary motions; F. In the event that successful amendments to a main motion substantially alter its intent, the President may rule that proxies are void."

Clearly indicate your vote FOR or AGAINST the following amendments:

_____ CEDA Nats Eligibility

_____ Ranked Choice Voting

_____ Amendment process

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