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Tab Room Fee Announcement

Dear CEDA Members,

The college community is about to lose access to Tabroom and at this time there is not a
functional alternative. In order to ensure access for the college policy debate community to the resources of for the next two years, the Cross Examination Debate Association has entered into a
shared services agreement with the NSDA for use of the services. CEDA will pay the NSDA
$10,000 each of the next two years for access to tabroom services and support. The shared services
agreement is attached.

In order to pay for these services the Executive Council of CEDA has established a special
tabroom fee of $200 to be paid by each institutional member of CEDA. This fee will be separate from
and in addition to CEDA membership dues. A link for payment of Tabroom fees will be added to the
CEDA home page store ( The fee for the 2018-19 season is due by November 1 st, 2018. Payment of this
fee will ensure member institutions access to tabroom services including tournament entry, tournament
hosting, tournament results, the college case list and technical support from the NSDA for use of

The college policy debate community has benefited for the past few years from
access to tabroom services at no cost. The CEDA Executive Council considered options for raising the
funds to pay for access to Tabroom for CEDA members and decided that the best option is for member
institutions to pay a flat fee of $200 for access to Tabroom. As with other CEDA fees Programs officially
designated, as New and Emergent Programs will be exempt from the new Tabroom fee and programs
which face financial hardship may petition the Executive Council for a waiver of the Tabroom fee.

If you have any questions about this process, you may direct them to Scott Harris at