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Please direct media-related questions to either:

Mike Davis, President
(540) 568-7308

Gordon Stables, Immediate Past President
(213) 915-8201


In Recognition: Scott Deatherage

A tribute to the longtime Northwestern University Director of Debate.


Introducing the new CEDA forums


I am happy to announce that thanks to the labors of Jeff Jarman, we have rebuilt and resigned an important aspect of the CEDA website, the forums section. These have been modeled after the successful approach at and they offer us an opportunity to provide an organized way for our community to communicate. Forums are available for tournaments, regional issues, questions of community practice, organizational questions and a lot more.


Kicking off the 2009-10 Season

Although many of us opened the season at Gonzaga last weekend, for a number of schools this coming weekend is their opening competition. This has been a difficult year for many in our community. The new season brings sadness with those no longer with us, but it also provides a new start.

On behalf of CEDA let me wish you all the best for a great season. We are excited to have such a timely topic and one that promises to make for a compelling year of debates.

I also wanted to highlight a few items.


Professional Review Board

In accordance with the recently amended CEDA constitution, a Professional Review Board has been created to address allegations of unprofessional conduct.

The constitution outlines their procedures. Any member of the college debate community may initiate the process by contacting the committee directly. The constitution specifies procedures for their review and includes important important about the confidentiality of the process.


Hotel Information for Summer Meetings

 The CEDA Business Meetings, Topic Meeting, National Developmental Conferene and American Debate Assoc -ADA Mtg are all being hosted at Wake Forest this year. Your hotel information follows. Hope to see you there.

 Rate: 74.99 single.

 Sundance Plaza Hotel, Spa & Wellness Center, 3050 University Parkway Winston Salem, NC 27105


Summer Meetings Schedule, Agenda and Amendment Text

The CEDA business meetings, topic selection meetings and the debate developmental conference are about to begin in Winston-Salem NC and hosted by Wake Forest.

All of the sessions will be held at the Sundance hotel (the same property that Wake uses for the Shirley tournament).



Tuesday, June 2



Current Sweepstakes Points

Sweepstakes points through March 17.

All tournaments have been recorded [except (1) Mardi Gras and (2) novice at UNI]. Those points will be added soon.

The attached file has the current rankings.


Winter 2008 Ballot Now Available

 Hello Everyone:

The Winter 2008 ballot is now open.  Vote online at
You must register at the CEDA site in order to vote.  Almost all coaches/director have registered, but if you need a password to register, please let me know.
There are several items requiring a vote:

Debate Summit - Call for participation

The 2008 CEDA summer meetings will be hosted as in Winston-Salem, NC as part of a tremendous set of events, including the 2008 Debate Summit. Please review the attached flyer and consider taking part in this very special event.



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