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In court papers filed in the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia, LD Debaters Alex McCobin of Penn and Lily Deng of Harvard have been accused of embezzling more than $37,000.00 from the Penn Parlimentary & LD debate teams, their own non-profit foundation set up to allegedly run an urban debate league in Philadelphia, and from various other organizations and persons as well, according to both the filed court papers and according to an article published in the Daily Pennsylvania on April 2, 2009.

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Awards page ickness..

On the awards page the feeds only let me see the first 5 awards, i wish it was set to show me the most recent 5. The most recent 5 are more than likely what i am looking for, but if i want something else its ok to click for more, but people want to know who won awards in 2009.


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09-10 Topics: Let the discussion begin ...

Kuswa posted the opening volley to the topic paper process on edebate. In keeping with the EC spirit of CEDA Website promotion, I'm opening a forum here. It's my understanding that the topic blog is moving to something connected to this site, so this might be a good locus of conversation in the meantime.

As Kevin noted, Gordon gave a good outline for writing a paper if you're interested:

There was also a request for some non USFG actor based papers. I noted I volunteered to work on an Immigration paper.

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Curriculum Discussion -- 6 v. 8; and strikesheet

As part of the curriculum reform committee, I would like to begin a thread that discusses two items:

a) For tourneys large-enough to clear beyond octas, is 6 rounds a good idea ?... or should we stick with 8 rounds ?..

b) Should the community retain preference sheets, but consider moving back to less-powerful preference sheets (for instance A, B, C, strike) ?...

I am genuinely interested in listening -- not really pushing one idea over another at this time. We welcome feedback from coaches, judges, alums, and -- of course -- students.

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Ad Hoc Committee on Curriculum - Open Thread

The CEDA ad hoc committee on curriculum would like to begin a community wide conversation about policy debate can identify the best educational and competitive practices and then seek to encourage those practices.

The scope of this committee is to engage the community, spur conversation and produce a report that highlights some of these best practices. This process requires active and sustained input from our community. Please feel free to open threads on specific topics that should be part of this discussion.

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