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Topic, Awards, and Dues Reminder

We hope this finds you, your teams, and your loved ones well. There are three brief announcements below regarding the topic deadline, an extension for dues payments for some members, and the All-American and Summa Cum Laude Scholar awards.

(1) Topic deadline: Friendly reminder that the deadline for voting on the topic closes at 11:59 PM CDT, May 11, 2020. The ballot is available here:

(2) Dues extensions: 2019-2020 CEDA dues must be paid to vote. If your program has faced budget freezes due to COVID-19 or other budget stressors and you have paid previous dues, you will likely be approved for an extension to the dues deadline date. Please reach out to Brian Rubaie at brian-rubaie at uiowa dot edu to request a dues extension. You can pay dues here:

(3) All Americans and Summa Cum Laude National Debate Scholars: If a coach wishes to have 2020 All American and Summa Cum Laude National Debate Scholars award winner plaques shipped, please send an email to brian-rubaie at uiowa dot edu which contains these three items of information:

-- Address for shipment:
-- Number of All American award winners:
-- Number of Summa Cum Laude National Debate Scholars

Thank you to all of you for working together to produce amazing things during a tough time, we hope you are well!