Standing Committees

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III. Standing Committees

The standing committees of this Association shall include:

Section 1: Committee on Discrimination and Sexual Harassment. This committee is chaired by the Sexual Harassment Officer and is responsible for administering CEDA’s policy on discrimination and sexual harassment, which is contained in the Bylaws.

Section 2: Committee on Program Development. This committee shall promote new membership, assist new and potential programs in CEDA-related activities, assist programs facing budgetary or other problems, coordinate efforts to regain lost memberships and suggest available forensic materials relevant to CEDA.

Section 3: Public Relations Committee. This committee shall promote the activities of CEDA and its member schools, including promotion of national standings and award winners among the various national and regional media and coordinate efforts at development of alternative funding support sources.

Section 4: Nominating Committee. This committee shall solicit and receive names of individuals for elective office in the organization and propose the slate of nominees at the annual business meeting, as indicated in Article V of the Constitution.

Section 5: Research Committee. The Second Vice President will serve as Chair of the Research Committee. This committee shall evaluate proposals for research to be conducted at the Association’s National Tournament and approve only those proposals which meet standards for ethical and competent research. Committee procedures and guidelines for evaluation appear in the Bylaws.

Section 64: National Tournament Committee. The Committee shall administer the Association’s National Tournament. Guidelines and procedures for administration appear in the Bylaws.

Section 75: Professional Development Committee. This committee shall promote the professional development of director/coaches, coaches, and the graduate/undergraduate assistants associated with debate programs. The committee shall select a representative to attend the National Communication Association Program Planners meetings, plan any programs assigned by the National Communication Association to CEDA, serve as the National Communication Association Convention liaison, which includes scheduling meeting times, be in charge of carrying out any programs assigned by the National Communication Association to CEDA as a consequence of CEDA’s affiliate status with the National Communication Association.

Section 86: Annual Awards Committee. This committee shall oversee the criteria for the award of the Association’s annual student, coaching and program awards. The First Vice-President shall serve as Chair of the Annual Awards Committee.

Section 9: Tournament Site Committee. This committee shall oversee the solicitation of a host for future National Tournaments of the Association. This committee shall also gather data regarding the conduct of the Association’s tournament. This committee should include, at a minimum, the treasurer, president, and both past presidents.


The Nominating and Tournament Site Committee have been defunct for a while, and are taken on by the EC now. The Research committee only governs research conducted at the National Tournament, and should also be rolled into votes and approval by the EC. The committees eliminated are defunct, and are largely filled by the functions of the EC.