After seventeen tournaments over the course of nine weekends of competition during the Fall Semester of the 2021-2022 Cross Examination Debate Association season the top 25 teams are:

  1. George Mason University
  2. Liberty University
  3. University of Michigan
  4. Emory University
  5. University of Houston
  6. James Madison University
  7. University of Kansas
  8. Harvard
  9. Indiana University
  10. Samford University
  11. Dartmouth College
  12. Wake Forest University
  13. Northwestern University
  14. University of Minnesota
  15. California State University – Fullerton
  16. Wichita State University
  17. Missouri State University
  18. University of Southern California
  19. Michigan State University
  20. University of Kentucky
  21. Gonzaga University
  22. Johnson County Community College
  23. United States Naval Academy
  24. University of Texas – Austin
  25. University of Texas – Dallas


About CEDA

Cross Examination Debate Association was founded in 1971. CEDA is currently responsible for formulating the annual intercollegiate policy debate topic used in tournament competition throughout the nation. Throughout the season, CEDA calculates National Sweepstakes Standings, the national and regional rankings of member institutions based on compiled tournament results.