YearTournament ChampionTournament Runner-Up
1981UCLA (Robert Hartmann and Arthur Wong)University of California Berkeley
1984Southwestern College (Steve Witt and Terri McCorkle)
1985Weber State University (Rick Whicker and Kevin Boyle)
1986Macalester College (Paul Benson and Molly McGinnis)Florida State University (Carrie Crenshaw and Miguel Delao)
1987Macalester College (Paul Benson and Molly McGinnis)University of New Mexico (Mike Stanley and Leah Neal)
1988Southern Illinois University (Mark West and John Lapham)William Jewell College (David Israelite and Brad Roberts)
1989Gonzaga University (Dave Hanson and Bill DeForeest)Southern Illinois University (Mark West and John Lapham)
1990University of Central Oklahoma (then Central State University) (Charles Mallard and Josh Hoe)Missouri State University (then Southwest Missouri State University) (Eric Morris and Robert Olson)
1991Kansas State University (David Filippi and Richard McCollum)University of California, Los Angeles (Jon Dean and Brian Fletcher)
1992Missouri State University (Jeffrey Jarman and TJ Wolfe)Florida State University (Jay Connell and PJ Stakelum)
1993Kansas State University (Jill Basinger and KJ Wall)Emporia State University (Greg Achten and Jim Haefele)
1994University of Missouri-Kansas City (David Kingston (Genco) and James Brian Johnston)Kansas State University/Michigan State University (Dave Devereux and Elizabeth Repko)
1995Michigan State University (Elizabeth Repko and Jason Trice)Gonzaga University (Blake Dias and Ian McLoughlin)
1996Southern Illinois University (Glen Frappier and Bill Shinn)Fort Hays State University (Tim Carroll and Brandon Thompson)
1997Northwestern University (Terry Johnson and Brandon Fletcher)Michigan State University (Erik Cornellier and John Sullivan)
1998Emory University (Stephen Heidt and Dan Fitzmier) Emory University (Anne Marie Todd and Vic Tabak)
1999Whitman College (Jessica Clarke and Adam Symonds)The State University of West Georgia (Rachel Saloom and Chris Bonilla)
2000The State University of West Georgia (Rachel Saloom and Sarah Holbrook)Michigan State University (Aaron Monick and Steve Donald)
2001The State University of West Georgia (Rashad Evans and Sarah Holbrook)Emory University (John Rains and Kacey Wolmer)
2002Fort Hays State University (Joe Ramsey and Jason Regnier)Michigan State University (Calum Matheson and Austin Carson)
2003New York University (Richard Garner and Nate Gorelick)Whitman College (Thad Blank and Charles Olney)
2004Emory University (Mike Beckley and Henry Liu)University of North Texas (Nirav Patel and John Prieur)
2005UC Berkeley (Craig Wickersham and Stacey Nathan)Dartmouth (Brian Smith and Kathryn Clark)
2006Harvard (Michael Klinger and Nikhil Mirchandani)Dartmouth (Brian Smith and Kathryn Clark)
2007University of Oklahoma (Conor Cleary and Blake Johnson)Dartmouth (Kathryn Clark and Kade Olsen)
2008Towson University (Dayvon Love and Deven Cooper)University of Kansas (Chris Stone and Nate Johnson)
2009University of Oklahoma (R.J. Giglio and Nick Watts)Towson University (Dayvon Love and Deven Cooper)
2010University of Oklahoma (R.J. Giglio and Nick Watts)Whitman College (Nate Cohn and Daniel Straus)
2011Kansas State University (Beth Mendenhall and Derek Ziegler)Towson University (Ben Crossan and Fernando Kirkman)
2012University of Oklahoma (R.J. Giglio and Christopher Leonardi)Whitman College (Allison Humble and Alex Zendeh)
2013Emporia State University (Ryan Wash and Eli Smith)University of West Georgia (Damiyr Davis and Miguel Feliciano)
2014Towson University (Korey Johnson and Ameena Ruffin)University of Oklahoma (Rashid Campbell and George Lee Jr.)
2015Towson University (Troi Thomas and Kevin Whitley)University of Kansas (Jyleesa Hampton and Quaram Robinson)
2016University of Vermont (Khalil Lee and Taylor Brough)Liberty University (Vida Chiri and Tim Byram)
2017Rutgers University (Nick Nave and Devane Murphy)University of Missouri-Kansas City (Corey Aaron and Anthony Thomas)
2018University of Iowa (Sam Gustavson and Geordano Liriano)University of Iowa (Coco Christophersen and Brooke Kimbrough)
2019University of Oklahoma (Jazmine Pickens and Darius White)University of Kansas (Azja Butler and Kenny Delph)[6]
2020Tournament Canceled due to COVID-19
2021University of Texas (Het Desai and Zachary Watts)University of Central Oklahoma (Grant Colquitt and Zach Huffman)
2022Wake Forest University (Asya Taylor and Dimarvin Puerto)University of Michigan (Joshua Harrington and Azi Hormozdiari)
2023Wake Forest University (Ana Bittner and Ari Davidson)Wake Forest University (Tajaih Robinson & Iyana Trotman)