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What is a reportable offense?

Any complaint that would be seen as a violation of professional conduct that has occurred in the previous calendar year. The PRB does not define specific actions as misconduct because that would run the risk of excluding particular violations that might not be predictable.

Who can bring a complaint?

Anyone with specific knowledge of a reportable incident can submit a complaint to the Professional Review Board. Individuals should only report specific incidents that are investigable and should include all available evidence in their complaints. They should be sent to or through the form at

Who may be subject to a complaint?

Any part-time or full-time employee of a CEDA member debate program.

What is the process of a PRB investigation?

Procedures are outlines in Section 5 of the PRB guidelines:

Do I need an attorney?

PRB investigations and hearings are not legal proceeds and while individuals can consult an attorney legal representation may not be present or participate. Any individual involved in the process may however be accompanied by an advisor to provide support.

What sanctions are available is an individual is found to have violated the PRB standards?

When a person is found responsible, sanctions range from oral reprimands to individual or programmatic suspension. The PRB recommends a sanction, but the final determination lies with the President of the organization.

Can I file a complaint anonymously?

In order to investigate a claim the PRB must be able to interview parties involved in the complaint so anonymous complaints cannot be investigated.